The Houses

Address: 1 Old Main Road, Riverview.

Because of the family’s background, there is a vaguely Italian theme for this neighborhood.  Vita and Nick both love the color red, so you will see a lot of red materials.  The house is loosely based on old palazzi of Florence.

Moodici 00244

The lot is only 30 wide by 25 deep and is off-center (the middle of the lot doesn’t line up with the lots leading up to it).  This leaves barely enough space to do a tiny cortile that still fits into an axial design.  Normally I’d want a more spacious courtyard for a palazzo, but the family really really wanted this location.

cortile of Palazzo Moodici

I personally would have opted for a cleaner, more sparsely furnished look.  But you know the Altos—they like to flaunt their nouveau money.  So we had to kitsch up the courtyard with sculptures and decorations.

Moodici 00311

As with any house, this palazzo is a work in progress.  The architect is still debating between two different designs for the north side of the house.  I’ll update this page once it is reasonably complete.


June 2014

For various reasons evident in the text, Holly moved to this mini-palazzo (a pavilion, perhaps?):

Moodici 2014-06-03_010 resize


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