Spread Joy up to the Maximu[s]

It’s amazing what rich folks do.  This was one of the wedding presents Holly and I got from the Moodici family:

Moodici 2014-06-03_010 resize

It’s no farm like the one we used to have, but there’s a little grassy area that my folks will be able to turn into a garden in no time:

Moodici 2014-06-05_011 resize

My dad’s a little cam’ra-shy.  You’ll have to excuse him for not looking up and smiling.

Ma and Pa are staying here with us until we can get the farm back.  I don’t think Holly minds too much; she says Ma and Pa are pretty pleasant to be around.  Pa always takes time to compliment her on every little thing, like her cooking:

Moodici 2014-06-05_012 resize

She says it would have been mighty stressful back at her fam’ly Palazzo.  I don’t know everything that’s going on, but things between her and her Ma seem a bit…frosty.  It’s really none of my business.

What is my business is for me to do well in my Athletic career.  That and score a little extra stuff on the side.  You see, I ain’t told everyone yet, but I’m a Kleptomaniac, see.  Things just disappear when I’m around:

Moodici 2014-06-05_014 resize

Too bad that barstool I swiped was our own!  It might take me a lil bit to get the hang of this, but just you wait and see.  Soon I’ll be swiping enough so that Holly can have the pretty things she wants and Ma and Pa can get their farm back!

You see, some folks have way too much stuff in this town.

Take the Lessen home, for example.

Too many coffee tables (they got four in a lil pile in the living room!):

Moodici 2014-06-05_015 resize

Too much goo-gaws on them walls (why have all that wallpaper if you’re just gonna cover it up with a huge TV?):

Moodici 2014-06-05_016 resize

And too many cars (think about your carbon footprint, folks!):

Moodici 2014-06-05_017 resize

How many cars does one man need?  My folks are still riding around on lil bicycles!  Ma and Pa will love this:

Moodici 2014-06-05_018 resize

I’m sure Papa Nick will be happy ’bout this.  He’s a professional crook himself.  And he’s also into athletic-type stuff, so I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about.  He and Ma Vita, and Niccolo, still live over at their official Palazzo, just across the courtyard from us:

Moodici 2014-06-05_013 resize

Holly’s still a little nervous about living so close to her folks, but I think things will work out.  Living near family will come in handy once the baby’s born.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  We have a lil one on the way!


Aside: Told You the Maid’s Insane

Look what he did at the first party we invited him to:

Moodici 00349 resize

Guess who’s not getting invited to Holly’s wedding. I mean, see him flee from the loving couple (yup, that’s Holly and Maximus by the fountain):


He simply jumped out of the pool and ran out.  The other guests, however, carried on and had a merry time at the party.

A Very Moodici Engagement

You might recall that, a while ago, Holly seemed a bit lonely:

Moodici 00276 resize

Her mother wants her to get married.  Her father wants her to get married.  And then she painted this:

Moodici 00337 resize

Okay, we get the idea, Holly.  Let’s find you someone.  I opened up her friends panel and just went down the list till we found someone eligible.  Prestige isn’t all that matters, no matter what Vita and Nick might want for their dynasty.  In any case, prestige isn’t really what you get from a peasant farming town like Riverview.  There are some nice farms here.  Why don’t you visit one?

Moodici 00339 resize

Maximus McDermott is one of Holly’s best friends.  Having split up from his terrible girlfriend at our suggestion recently, he’s single.  He’s the first son of one of the premier farming families in Riverview.  Why not him?  (A plus is that he has a Latin word for a name!  That would fit in with our Italian theme!  Yes, we are petty!)

His mom Ginny seems to like her so far:

Moodici 00346 resize…and dresses rather elegantly for a town that favors overalls.

Moodici 00345 resize

The key lime pie that Holly brought with her blends right in with the decor:

Moodici 00343 resize

So much green.  Just not of the sort that Nick and Vita like so much.

“But I could live with this.”

Moodici 00341 resize

You sure, Holly?  Sure the wallpaper isn’t a bit too much like something out of the Shining?

Take a closer look, Holly.  Really scrutinize this before you rush in:

Moodici 00353 resize

And make sure Max is aware of and prepared for the politics in this family:

Moodici 00351 resize

And don’t fall for every little bit of flattery:

Moodici 00354 resize

And check out his reputation in town:

Moodici 00358 resize

Town gossipers: “Look at that piece of trailer trash that just arrived!  The nerve!”

Holly: “He’s not trash!  Delete that trash talk!  I’ve made up my mind.”

Okay, here goes.  Holly rests her knee on the red cobblestone of the front courtyard.

Moodici 00361 resize

Moodici 00363 resize

Moodici 00364 resize