My Other Sims Stuff

Klepto King Challenge: Stealie Nicks
My first ever Sims Challenge.  You have to survive only from stealing and mooching. Stealie 0002 resize

Vita and Holly have guest appearances in episode 6, Take Your Silver Spoon.

Future Ideas
I have so many ideas that I’ve never gotten around to trying. One of them is a multi-household wishacy. In this variation on a wishacy, you don’t try to keep one family going for generations, but you must switch to a different household in the same time once all the members of your current household attain their LTWs. I attempted this once with Sunset Valley, but the choice of the Roomies household for my first family was probably a poor one :p  It got too hectic. At the time, I was looking for something carefree and relaxing, as opposed to something I had to pause every 5 seconds to take a good screenshot. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll get around to it again.


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