Meta: What’s the Holdup

I’ve been living among cardboard boxes for the past month.  No, I haven’t been thrown out into the streets for angering the Moodicis.  It’s just that moving cities has been a bit of a distraction from writing here, heh.

But it seems that I’ve unpacked enough of said cardboard boxes to find the things needed for Simming or Sim-blogging, so updates are nigh.

I will be focusing on updating my other blog, Stealie Nicks, first.  But I’ve written the Moodici story far enough ahead that I want to finalize the entries and publish them eventually.  Anyway, I’m afraid of what Vita will do if I slack off too much…


Apologies for the Emailed Posts

For readers who follow this blog by email, I’m sorry about the mixup earlier that sent out posts about my other Sims blogs.  I was writing from the other blogs in my dashboard but they kept posting to the Moodici one for some reason.  It should all be sorted now.  Thanks, and have a great day!


Leave it to me to wait until now to remember the existence of Monte Vista, a pre-made Italian-themed Sims 3 world. That town would have suited the Moodicis much better than this old-town American Riverview. I mean, just look at this:

Moodici 00260 resize

Oh well, we’ve come too far now to start over the saga. We shall march on in Riverview and try to rebuild properties one at a time into a more Italian-style town.

Invisible Touch

See this lovely scene?  Sunny day in the town square, Holly strummin’ a tune, the townsfolk dancing (yes, it’s dancing, if you can call it that).  And in the distance, a mysterious cloud around the Sim in the blue shirt:

Moodici 00245 resize
Turns out to be a fight.  Don’t know who was involved, because one of the parties never rendered:

Moodici 00246 resize

Dear Geoffrey


Dear Geoffrey:

HA!  The joke’s on you!  You thought that we wouldn’t survive outside of Sunset Valley, but we are rocking it here!

First off, I swiftly landed my dream job in the Criminal career!  They said in addition to my overqualifications, I look the part so I could have the job on the spot! Screenshot-367 Screenshot-368

After a good day’s work, I get to come home to a gorgeous palazzo facing the main park!

cortile of Palazzo Moodici


Holly and Vita love it here too!  Holly just had a great 18th birthday!


We got her a new bedroom remodel for a present!


And guess what!  There’s even more of your least favorite dynasty: Screenshot-392

It’s a boy!  Niccolo was born Artistic and Friendly and will surely be the death of you and your wretched kind!  Screenshot-447

Plus Holly graduated!  With Honor!  And everyone voted her Most Artistic!



(and Most Starving?–No!)  Look at ’em awards!



She’s now the most talented, eligible young lady in SimNation!  Totally in a different league from your Malcolm!Screenshot-425

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and continue being so awesome!


Slugs and disses,

Nick de’ Moodici


PS:  Ha!  You fool!

The Birth of a Dynasty

As with any beginning, the start of the Moodici dynasty came with the end of something else: after the bad blood between them and the Landgraabs boiled over, the Altos were exiled from Sunset Valley. With the gates of Sunset now closed to them, the only locale accepting of the wretched family was a small rural town at the end of the long highway.

Nick Alto looks at what he's leaving behind.

Nick Alto looks at what he’s leaving behind.

Nick does a farewell jig in front of his mansion.

Nick does a farewell jig in front of his mansion.

Come on, Holly.  The taxi's here!

Come on, Holly. The taxi’s here!

The Alto mansion, deserted.

The Alto mansion, deserted.

The long journey begins.  For all their riches, the Altos chose to move in a taxicab.

The long journey begins. For all their riches, the Altos chose to move in a taxicab.

Calm down, Nick.  I doubt the Landgraabs would follow you here.

Calm down, Nick. I doubt the Landgraabs would follow you here.

They found the ruins of an old cloister on a small island in the main river. It was better than nothing. They would build their new home here.

Vita contemplates her new home.

Vita contemplates her new home.

Even in their last moments in Sunset, Nick had been bitterly festering for another fight with the Landgraab patriarch.  Once in the new town, however, he had to erase all memory of Sunset.  Instead, he decided to visit the local gym–where he focused on picking fights with his new neighbors.

Vita, on the other hand, was feeling more gregarious.  She wished to become good friends with someone in the new town, invite someone over, have a party…all this in spite of her snobbish and evil nature.

But first things first.  Nick and Vita headed over to the town hall.  When they emerged a few moments later, they had changed.  They were now the Moodicis.

Look at 'em scheme.

Look at ’em scheme.

Jeez, guys, you still have half a million simoleons left in your savings.

Jeez, guys, you still have half a million simoleons left in your savings.

Some things don’t change, though; Nick, after barely pausing to contemplate his new plans, went over to argue with a little girl outside the town hall.  Vita walked right into a gathering protest.  Maybe the protesters knew something she didn’t.  (Nick has a long-harbored secret dream of joining the life of crime…perhaps he will act on it soon.)

Infinity?  Zorro?  Carnival?

Infinity? Zorro? Carnival?

While all this was happening, Holly had gone to explore the town on her own.  She’d already been dragged into this move with her family, so she might as well enjoy her freedom…in her little goody little two shoes way.  She got a job at the bookstore and took a guitar class.

Holly and her mother hadn’t gotten along very well in their previous life.  Here they seem to be doing all right.

Let’s hope things pick up for this family.  After all, the sun’s set and they still don’t have a roof.