Aside: Whole New Worlds!

Yes, the latest Origin sale made me cave.  I finally made my first Sims-related purchase in…a year?  A while, anyway.  The only thing that stopped me from buying more items while they were so discounted was that the sale ended WHILE I was taking my shopping cart to checkout.  Turns out “ends June 16” means “ends 9am PST.”

There have been a bunch of complaints about technical glitches in downloading from Origin/EA, especially during this sale, so I was slightly concerned.  But the first world installed fine, so I’m hoping that the other one will not run into problems either.

So, what did I buy?  What can my Sims look forward to?  The Worlds Bundle, which contains Hidden Springs and Monte Vista.  Wheee!

I originally wanted just the Monte Vista world, obviously because of the Italian connection.  As one reader suggested, the Moodicis could move there eventually, perhaps to reconnect with the “old country.”  (Plot-wise, however, they still have unfinished business in Riverview, and some unfinished business that hasn’t even begun yet!  The delay in posting this week is due to “filming difficulties” regarding one of these loose ends.  Stay tuned.)

A pleasant surprise in this latest addition: one of the residents of Hidden Springs is Bert Alto, brother of Nick.  Heyyy!  I was not aware of this when I bought Hidden Springs, so this poses yet another possibility for expanding the Moodici story.  Hmmmmm…


Spread Joy up to the Maximu[s]

It’s amazing what rich folks do.  This was one of the wedding presents Holly and I got from the Moodici family:

Moodici 2014-06-03_010 resize

It’s no farm like the one we used to have, but there’s a little grassy area that my folks will be able to turn into a garden in no time:

Moodici 2014-06-05_011 resize

My dad’s a little cam’ra-shy.  You’ll have to excuse him for not looking up and smiling.

Ma and Pa are staying here with us until we can get the farm back.  I don’t think Holly minds too much; she says Ma and Pa are pretty pleasant to be around.  Pa always takes time to compliment her on every little thing, like her cooking:

Moodici 2014-06-05_012 resize

She says it would have been mighty stressful back at her fam’ly Palazzo.  I don’t know everything that’s going on, but things between her and her Ma seem a bit…frosty.  It’s really none of my business.

What is my business is for me to do well in my Athletic career.  That and score a little extra stuff on the side.  You see, I ain’t told everyone yet, but I’m a Kleptomaniac, see.  Things just disappear when I’m around:

Moodici 2014-06-05_014 resize

Too bad that barstool I swiped was our own!  It might take me a lil bit to get the hang of this, but just you wait and see.  Soon I’ll be swiping enough so that Holly can have the pretty things she wants and Ma and Pa can get their farm back!

You see, some folks have way too much stuff in this town.

Take the Lessen home, for example.

Too many coffee tables (they got four in a lil pile in the living room!):

Moodici 2014-06-05_015 resize

Too much goo-gaws on them walls (why have all that wallpaper if you’re just gonna cover it up with a huge TV?):

Moodici 2014-06-05_016 resize

And too many cars (think about your carbon footprint, folks!):

Moodici 2014-06-05_017 resize

How many cars does one man need?  My folks are still riding around on lil bicycles!  Ma and Pa will love this:

Moodici 2014-06-05_018 resize

I’m sure Papa Nick will be happy ’bout this.  He’s a professional crook himself.  And he’s also into athletic-type stuff, so I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about.  He and Ma Vita, and Niccolo, still live over at their official Palazzo, just across the courtyard from us:

Moodici 2014-06-05_013 resize

Holly’s still a little nervous about living so close to her folks, but I think things will work out.  Living near family will come in handy once the baby’s born.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  We have a lil one on the way!

Help! from Holly

Gods and goddesses of Riverview, hear my prayers.

Moodici 2014-05-28_006 resize

I do not know what to do.

Moodici 2014-05-28_004 resize

So I married Maximus.  We were dreaming of moving back to his family’s farm, but…we no longer have the money.  On the road from the farm to my parents’ house, my husband’s family were robbed.  They did not know the bandit who held them up.  We were sad and distraught, but we were thankful to have the McDermotts safely in our house, and Max and I were anxious to get married and start a new life.


And, through something in the economy that I do not understand, the taxes and duties on the farm have shot up.  We would not have been able to afford the costs, even if the McDermotts hadn’t been held up.


It is no use to despair.  With everyone’s help, we hope to earn enough to buy back the farm.  That is how Max and I felt.

Moodici 2014-05-28_011 resize

But last night, Niccolo came to me with some startling information.  He told me about a conversation he’d had with Max’s little brother, Marquis, a few nights before our wedding.

Something about a dictator…


And corrupt business…


And the fact that the bandit was wearing red gloves, very similar to the ones seen in our household livery…


At the time, Niccolo tried to ignore Marquis’ chattering, but something from it did not sit right with him.  Later on, it clicked.  Niccolo thinks that Marquis was telling him about some source of power behind the bandit.

Later that night, Niccolo cautiously brought up the farm with our father.


Our father refused to discuss it.

“How dare you bring up such a thing, when your sister’s about to be married!  You will bring bad luck to the marriage!  You are not to speak of it!”


Our father’s voice can get quite loud and shouty when he is angered, so I am amazed that our mothers slept through the whole thing while in the same room:


But I digress.

This could all be a coincidence.  I hope it is.  I hope that these suspicions, these whisperings, are not clues to the terrible truth taking shape in Niccolo’s and my minds.

And then came the worst piece of news of all.


Soon after the wedding at the Basilica, someone in bandit clothing was seen walking around.  He definitely was not on our guest list—at least not Max’s or mine!

In an overheard snippet of conversation, this individual approached my mother and said something that elicited a delighted reaction.  “Good work, mignon!  The stars are now aligned, and we can move forward with our plans!”


My mother always did have ambitions to conquer the whole of SimNation, starting with Riverview…


She often says that the victors are the ones who get to write history.


And so she is always coming up with some scheme or another to get closer to her dream of world domination.

It makes me sick to think it.  Could it be…that our mother or father be behind a scheme to take over the McDermott farm?

Unpretty Parties

Silly old Sims.  Our guests insist on congregating in the unfinished and dim spaces of the house (while declaring their love for Vice Prez Vita):

Moodici 00274

Or in the kitchen (declaring their love for Don Moodici):Moodici 00268

Or in the unfinished bathroom (declaring their love for the young lady of the house):Moodici 00307

(And no, that’s not cologne.)

It doesn’t help when Holly starts performing music there:

Moodici 00304

“Of course these guys want to hit on you, sis.  You’re as pretty as a head of broccoli!”
“Why, thank you, Niccolo.”  (Considering that Holly is Vegetarian, I think she may not be too offended here…?)

Moodici 00315

Good thing there are no more ugly spaces for them to declare their love for Niccolo.  He is still underage.  That would be another instance of creepy realism that the game does not need.

To help tidy up the place, the family hired a maid.

Moodici 00299

But he turns out to be Insane:

Moodici 00300

“I’m telling you, man, the guvvament is spraying all these chemtrails around, and it’s getting into the water supply, and it’s threatening our purity of essence, maaan!”

Perhaps because of his dire worries for world safety, he is easily distracted from his duties.  He ends up hanging out with the family and spreading the word about conspiracies and evil secret societies.

It makes the hostess want to pull her hair out.  “Everyone!  Over here, please, in the prettier parts of the house!”Moodici 00312

Many Happy Returns

Oh don’t look so sad, Niccolo. Is school that bad?

Moodici 00254

You get to meet friends and visit their houses:

Moodici 00273

And once you get home, you can have some family art time:

Moodici 00221 resize

Or chat with your dad while you do homework:

Moodici 00263

Enjoy it while it lasts, because you’ll be aging up soon enough:

Moodici 00284

Moodici 00285

What’s with the long face?

Moodici 00286

Thaaat’s better.

Happy birthday. Interesting outfit you’ve chosen for your next life stage. But at least it goes with the overall family color scheme, and they’re certainly more svelte than those accursed Sims 3 overalls!  (As you might gather from the numerous complaints on forums, the overalls became THE look of the Sims towns, and the seeming fad appears to be staying.)

Moodici 00287

“When I grow up I’m gonna be like Dad and steal holy grails from museums.”

“Mmm, cake.”