Aside: Whole New Worlds!

Yes, the latest Origin sale made me cave.  I finally made my first Sims-related purchase in…a year?  A while, anyway.  The only thing that stopped me from buying more items while they were so discounted was that the sale ended WHILE I was taking my shopping cart to checkout.  Turns out “ends June 16” means “ends 9am PST.”

There have been a bunch of complaints about technical glitches in downloading from Origin/EA, especially during this sale, so I was slightly concerned.  But the first world installed fine, so I’m hoping that the other one will not run into problems either.

So, what did I buy?  What can my Sims look forward to?  The Worlds Bundle, which contains Hidden Springs and Monte Vista.  Wheee!

I originally wanted just the Monte Vista world, obviously because of the Italian connection.  As one reader suggested, the Moodicis could move there eventually, perhaps to reconnect with the “old country.”  (Plot-wise, however, they still have unfinished business in Riverview, and some unfinished business that hasn’t even begun yet!  The delay in posting this week is due to “filming difficulties” regarding one of these loose ends.  Stay tuned.)

A pleasant surprise in this latest addition: one of the residents of Hidden Springs is Bert Alto, brother of Nick.  Heyyy!  I was not aware of this when I bought Hidden Springs, so this poses yet another possibility for expanding the Moodici story.  Hmmmmm…