Help! from Holly

Gods and goddesses of Riverview, hear my prayers.

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I do not know what to do.

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So I married Maximus.  We were dreaming of moving back to his family’s farm, but…we no longer have the money.  On the road from the farm to my parents’ house, my husband’s family were robbed.  They did not know the bandit who held them up.  We were sad and distraught, but we were thankful to have the McDermotts safely in our house, and Max and I were anxious to get married and start a new life.


And, through something in the economy that I do not understand, the taxes and duties on the farm have shot up.  We would not have been able to afford the costs, even if the McDermotts hadn’t been held up.


It is no use to despair.  With everyone’s help, we hope to earn enough to buy back the farm.  That is how Max and I felt.

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But last night, Niccolo came to me with some startling information.  He told me about a conversation he’d had with Max’s little brother, Marquis, a few nights before our wedding.

Something about a dictator…


And corrupt business…


And the fact that the bandit was wearing red gloves, very similar to the ones seen in our household livery…


At the time, Niccolo tried to ignore Marquis’ chattering, but something from it did not sit right with him.  Later on, it clicked.  Niccolo thinks that Marquis was telling him about some source of power behind the bandit.

Later that night, Niccolo cautiously brought up the farm with our father.


Our father refused to discuss it.

“How dare you bring up such a thing, when your sister’s about to be married!  You will bring bad luck to the marriage!  You are not to speak of it!”


Our father’s voice can get quite loud and shouty when he is angered, so I am amazed that our mothers slept through the whole thing while in the same room:


But I digress.

This could all be a coincidence.  I hope it is.  I hope that these suspicions, these whisperings, are not clues to the terrible truth taking shape in Niccolo’s and my minds.

And then came the worst piece of news of all.


Soon after the wedding at the Basilica, someone in bandit clothing was seen walking around.  He definitely was not on our guest list—at least not Max’s or mine!

In an overheard snippet of conversation, this individual approached my mother and said something that elicited a delighted reaction.  “Good work, mignon!  The stars are now aligned, and we can move forward with our plans!”


My mother always did have ambitions to conquer the whole of SimNation, starting with Riverview…


She often says that the victors are the ones who get to write history.


And so she is always coming up with some scheme or another to get closer to her dream of world domination.

It makes me sick to think it.  Could it be…that our mother or father be behind a scheme to take over the McDermott farm?


2 thoughts on “Help! from Holly

  1. so much drama! i love it! also as i was reading i was thinking ‘hmm she has a maximus just like my old legacy” THEN i realized.. we used the same neighbor =] but mine crashed, so glad to see his life being used completely!

    • Heh, she wasn’t originally going for Maximus, so I had Story Progression move in a bunch of single guys to meet…and then she chose Maximus. Now my town is overrun by single guys! Thanks for all your nice comments 🙂

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