Life is Just a Party

Leader of the Free World she may be, but Vita must still maintain a healthy level of campaign funding. Her campaign fund accounts were down in the dumps, so Madam Dictator decided to throw a fundraiser. The party drew all the riff-raff townsfolk once again to Palazzo Moodici.


“C-c-congratulations on your daughter’s engagement, Madam Dictator! I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home. On the day of your campaign fundraiser. And may their first child…be a masculine child.”

Others are not so thrilled:


“Dagnabbit! Missed my chance to get real rich quick! That McDermott sure is one lucky son of a gun.”

Right in the middle of the bash, Holly elected to have a birthday celebration. Scheduled for later that same evening was Niccolo’s prom. This family can’t get enough of lifetime milestones.


“Fie to the ravages of age! My birthday shall be mah-velous!”

Hurry up and blow out those candles, Holly. And remember to make a wish.


We were having a nice birthday celebration….


…when some stragglers came in from swimming in the pool fountain:


Scantily clad guests! Not in front of Niccolo! The boy’s still in high school. (Niccolo is the boy in the green jacket—you can see him take a pause when the bikini walks right in front of him!)

“Eh, it’s a free country.” Not if Madam Dictator can help it.


Leery Holly: “Maximus, baby, I’m all aglow!”  Save it for your wedding night, Holly.

Yeesh, this party really is bringing the prude out of me. Or perhaps I was slightly exasperated as I’d had to restart the game because of a glitch (a painting disappeared when we were trying to hang it on the wall).

Perhaps it’s for the better.  Take 2 was more dramatic: one of the guests decided to die right after the cake.

It was one of the Spenster sisters, one of the elders of the town. As she died, Nellie was still mourning the recent death of her sister Lucille. Well, they can be together again, I guess. Behold the sparkles of death:


The other guests feel mainly…inconvenienced by the death. “That Nellie! You’d think people would have the decency not to die at a Moodici party!” “Ugh! I can’t reach the cake! A woman just died behind me!”


Poor Grim Reaper. He’d had trouble getting through security as he wasn’t on the “invited” list. He had to skulk around right outside the house to wait for Nellie:


“Enough of this. I knew my scythe would come in handy one day.”


“Heeerrre’s Grimmy!”


Everyone mostly kept doing their own thing. Nick was late to the party and was still whooping when the Grim Reaper entered. Talk about inappropriate:



“Come on, Dad! What did Nellie Spenster ever do to you?”

Nick’s not the only one behaving callously. Holly was still blissfully eating her cake. “Whaaat? You gotta grab a slice while there’s still some left!”2014-04-24_00035

“Hi, Mr. Reaper…uh…may we offer you some cake?”


The grim incident of memento mori did not interfere with the festivities.  People loved Vita’s little get-together.  “Wow, what a party!  I’m donating $7,250 to your fund!” was a typical comment.  “Oh Vita dear, you sure know how to host a good murder mystery night!” “Do invite me the next time you sacrifice another villager!” The campaign fund grew by a total of over $48,000.

Ever the considerate hostess, Holly invited Grim to some pillow-fighting fun.


I’ve commented on my other Sims blog about this, but the pillow fight screenshots tend to come out rather violent or graphic.  Maybe because the screenshots are devoid of the Sims’ squeals of glee? Anyway, Holly’s thought process here does not help the situation.


Holly, you think this is romantic? Go take a cold shower. You might need it, judging from the green fumes around your torso.

Then, he was gone.


Holly promptly entered a midlife crisis. Midlife crisis?! You sure it’s a good idea to combine that with getting married? “I don’t care! I want to move to a new house! I want to get a haircut! I want a new sports car!”

Whatever. Some of us have a prom to get to:



Despite showing up with an abysmal hygiene score, Niccolo was crowned King of the Prom. He still got rejected for a dance, though. Maybe it was one of those joke prom king pranks…

Whenever a prom happens, the game likes to update you with pop-up notifications throughout the evening. I suppose it’s like live-Tweeting. Even in the Sims, there is no escape from Twitter. Here are some examples (and my “replies” to the “tweets”):

Niccolo also asked a loner classmate (male) because he felt bad for him, but the classmate threw a drink in his face.
“What, homophobic, are we?”
“I don’t need your sympathy!”

Niccolo also saw someone else wearing the same outfit.  Who knew cream-purple-orange-red was such a popular combo for a tux.

Niccolo has now fallen for Chelsea Broke. You thought the McDermotts were trash? The Brokes are actual trailer trash. That’s right. They live in trailers. I’ll show you a pic if we end up seeing more of the Brokes.

The students finally emerged from the prom. Apparently it was a no-food-served kind of prom:


“Be sure to get home within the hour, or the police will cite you for staying out after curfew!” Hmm, so it seems that the limo has ditched us. Irresponsible. It takes a village, you know…

Fortunately, Niccolo made it home in time:


“Ugh, what is that smell? Is it art? Has sis been painting with turpentine? Oh wait. That’s me! ”


His parents Vita and Nick were having a private moment together when the criminal carpool showed up. Nick swooshed into his work uniform…

WHAT THE HECK are you wearing?

“It’s my crisis vest!”

No it’s not.  You look like something out a cheap Miami Vice spinoff (not to say I’ve ever actually seen that show, but I think I’ve seen enough of it from the promo photos).

His future son-in-law hides and watches from the pool, no doubt too embarrassed to speak to Nick.


At work, Nick got an “extra trinket” from a side job. Sure enough, there are some new goodies in the family inventory. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Life is just a party, and at least one of us is dressed to party like it’s Nineteen! Ninety! Nine!





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