All Hail Vita

It started like any other day for the Vice President.  She went to work in her limo…

Moodici 00269 resize

…and emerged from City Hall as Leader of the Free World!  Lifetime Wish achieved!  But I suspect that instead of Hail to the Chief, or Hail Britannia, a more suitable fanfare for her would be the Darth Vader theme.

As Leader of the Free World, Vita can dress however she wants to for work.  She doesn’t give a toss about whatever the media will say about her wardrobe choices.

She’s got other priorities.  Making some important phone calls here:

Moodici 00294 resize

“Hello, Vinnie?  Hiya, I want you to go take care of someone…Several, actually.  Let’s see, how ’bout that Repo-Sim who took my valuable statue a few days ago…Whaddaya mean it’s not in your jurisdiction?  Hello?  Hello?”

“Yeah hi.  I’d like to order to go…Geoffrey Landgraab’s head on a platter…No, this is not a prank…Do you know who I am?  I’m Leader of the Free World!  Can you hear me now?  Hello?”

“Hi, Sunset Valley?  I’m buying your entire town…Why not?  Did the Landgraabs get to you?  Hello?”

Perhaps the reception is bad, Madam Leader.  Try again in a few moments?

Despite all her evil schemes, Vita’s really a nice lady, I swear.  While Nick still autonomously tries to Argue with everyone he meets, Vita’s default interaction now is to Debate Politics.

IMoodici 00001 resize

Never mind that she’s still in her nightie.  See what we said about not giving a toss earlier?  She wears what she likes!

Moodici 00291 resize

Her husband Nick is still a Henchman, though.  It’ll be a while yet before he can be Emperor of Evil.

It doesn’t help that he got arrested for the first time:

Moodici 00334 resize

While the police were booking him, they confiscated his items.  Apparently they thought he would try to escape by using his High School Diploma!  Police incompetence, or is this a real security threat thing?  Can’t tell these days, such a scary world…

Believe it or not, she is ecstatic when doing her victory roar:

Moodici 00302 resize

I figured that we should get a nice family photo to commemorate Vita’s rise to power.  However, the children wouldn’t cooperate.  It seems that they want their parents out of the way.

Moodici 00333 resize

Be careful what you wish for, kids.  Don’t you know who you’re messin’ with?


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