Repo Rich, a mini update

This family has plenty of money.  Nevertheless, forgetting one lousy bill payment brings the repo-Sim to the house.

Perhaps she thinks there’ll be some nice pickings here.  “Don Moodici must have hidden his trove of stolen treasures here!”

Moodici 00281 resize

Beware the Repo-Sim, my son.  The lights that bite, the rays that snatch!
(Apologies to Mr. Carroll’s original.  It’s not just objects the Moodicis steal; they steal poems too!)

Moodici 00283 resize

“Nooo!  Not our nudie sculpture!”

Is she going for the dirty plates or the counter here?

Moodici 00284 resize

Nope, it was the dishwasher.  I wonder what happens in the real world when dishwashers get repossessed.  Would it leave a hollow bit in the kitchen counter/cabinets?

It’s okay, Vita.  You’re not thinking of stealing from your son, are you?  You still have loads of simoleons.  And when you are Leader of the Free World, you shall have your revenge.

Moodici 00285 resize


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