Unpretty Parties

Silly old Sims.  Our guests insist on congregating in the unfinished and dim spaces of the house (while declaring their love for Vice Prez Vita):

Moodici 00274

Or in the kitchen (declaring their love for Don Moodici):Moodici 00268

Or in the unfinished bathroom (declaring their love for the young lady of the house):Moodici 00307

(And no, that’s not cologne.)

It doesn’t help when Holly starts performing music there:

Moodici 00304

“Of course these guys want to hit on you, sis.  You’re as pretty as a head of broccoli!”
“Why, thank you, Niccolo.”  (Considering that Holly is Vegetarian, I think she may not be too offended here…?)

Moodici 00315

Good thing there are no more ugly spaces for them to declare their love for Niccolo.  He is still underage.  That would be another instance of creepy realism that the game does not need.

To help tidy up the place, the family hired a maid.

Moodici 00299

But he turns out to be Insane:

Moodici 00300

“I’m telling you, man, the guvvament is spraying all these chemtrails around, and it’s getting into the water supply, and it’s threatening our purity of essence, maaan!”

Perhaps because of his dire worries for world safety, he is easily distracted from his duties.  He ends up hanging out with the family and spreading the word about conspiracies and evil secret societies.

It makes the hostess want to pull her hair out.  “Everyone!  Over here, please, in the prettier parts of the house!”Moodici 00312


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