Many Happy Returns

Oh don’t look so sad, Niccolo. Is school that bad?

Moodici 00254

You get to meet friends and visit their houses:

Moodici 00273

And once you get home, you can have some family art time:

Moodici 00221 resize

Or chat with your dad while you do homework:

Moodici 00263

Enjoy it while it lasts, because you’ll be aging up soon enough:

Moodici 00284

Moodici 00285

What’s with the long face?

Moodici 00286

Thaaat’s better.

Happy birthday. Interesting outfit you’ve chosen for your next life stage. But at least it goes with the overall family color scheme, and they’re certainly more svelte than those accursed Sims 3 overalls!  (As you might gather from the numerous complaints on forums, the overalls became THE look of the Sims towns, and the seeming fad appears to be staying.)

Moodici 00287

“When I grow up I’m gonna be like Dad and steal holy grails from museums.”

“Mmm, cake.”


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