Niccolo’s Birthday

Moodici 00191 resize

Happy birthday, Niccolo!  The guests were around but were too shy to join the photo.  And how rude of Vita not to remember to turn the phone off during this moment.

Moodici 00197 resize

Oh dear; I guess this child has turned cross-eyed.

And what is up with this hair?  Looks like a cross between an owl and an artichoke:

Moodici 00198 resize

But this is how the game envisions age transitions.

Innocent little Niccolo is unaware that his parents are already scheming for his future:

Moodici 00200 resize

He seems to get along quite well with his sister, though:

Moodici 00211 resize

“Look who’s been invited to your party, Niccolo: Sadako!”

Just look at these Sims.  One of the guests went right up to Vita and presented her with flowers, much to the displeasure of his wife STANDING RIGHT THERE but gracious enough to hold in an outburst for the sake of the birthday boy.  As far as I know this game has not been programmed with “open marriages” in mind, but these Sims sure are generous with random flirtatious actions.

Moodici 00213 resize

Of course, this guy’s got nothing on dear old Nick, so he shouldn’t get his hopes up.  Besides, Vice President Vita is way out of his league.

After the party, another one of those spontaneous visitors showed up.  He’s Sherman Bagley, a member of a local family of thieves.  He wandered around the house, invited Vita to move in with him (guys, the lady’s not interested!), and even started lounging in Niccolo’s bed…all the while wailing about his ma’s death:

Moodici 00218 resize

He ended up staying the night!  I was about to kick him out of the house when suddenly—he ran:

Moodici 00223 resize

He seems to have a song stuck in his head (“laa la laa…don’t you know that I’m TOXIC”).


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