A while back, when there wasn’t much to do, Holly had signed up to become a daycare professional.  Clients would not be coming over for a few days, however, and by the time they showed up we had forgotten about the job.  Thus, observe this desolate and thoroughly uninviting daycare center:

Moodici 00236 resize

Daycare work in the Sims 3 game is a chore.  So much of a chore that it harkens back to the tedium of Sims 2 gameplay.  You have to keep clicking and checking.  Not fun.  Holly found it so devoid of interest that she just slept through the thing.  Most of the work was done by some non-Moodici Sims who were staying over (actually, they were temporary lodgers—of which, more later).

Anyway, here’s some more of Holly’s not-so-great babysitting prowess:

Moodici 00235 resize

“Geez, sis, just go to the bathroom!”

(To be fair, I know she in fact had been diligently reading to Niccolo but I was too late with the camera.)

Moodici 00239 resize

And so Papa takes over the night’s reading duties.

“Thanks, Dad.  You sure are doing a heckuva better job being a daddy to Niccolo than you were to me!”
“Ho ho ho.  Now why don’t you go meet a husband.”

Moodici 00234 resize

As it happened, there were many newcomers to the town.  Nick and Vita are pretty busy with their careers, so it fell to Holly to go around welcoming them to the town.  Here’s one of them, who happened to move into a property that the Moodicis had been thinking of buying (dammit!  oh well, we’ll just have to evict him later…muscle him out of town…).

Moodici 00238 resize

Other guys are already friends of the family and long-time residents of the town.  Here’s Maximus, a son of the farming family McDermott:

Moodici 00228 resize

He was such good friends with Vita that the family invited him to move in for a while.  At the moment he moved in he got a girlfriend (I think the game just assigns relationships like that)…with whom he was not on very good terms.  A red relationship bar with the girlfriend.  C’mon!  Even Sims don’t need such crap.

He happened to run into her in town.  Swift action:

Moodici 00230 resize

Moodici 00231 resize


As anxious as Holly’s parents are to see her married, they won’t accept just any ol’ Sim as their son-in-law.  They therefore have set up a program where they invite certain single Sims like Maximus above to move in for a trial period.  The bonus of this cheat-free scheme is that the family can earn extra legit cash; consider it the fee.

There are quite a few single Sims in town now–perhaps enough to start a reality show.  Holly Bachelorette.  Might as well, because whenever we throw a party it turns into a “let’s give Holly flowers” party.

Moodici 00250 resize

“Thank you for the flowers, but I won’t marry people who refuse to take their shoes off indoors!”


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