The Mayor’s Daughter

For Holly, life in Riverview was slowing down.  The first days after their arrival had been hectic, sure…building the house, throwing birthday parties, her younger brother’s birth.  But now there was time to chart her own course.  She now concentrated on her new interests, like art and logic.


She doesn’t have too many friends of her own.  She meets people, while her occasional busking or her mother’s parties, but no one gets too close.  Holly especially looked forward to inviting over new people for a ranked game of chess.  She and her guest become so engrossed in the game that they pay no attention to the levitating tree outside:


Vita and Nick can turn their energies into work, because they can rely on Holly to stay home and take care of little Niccolo:


Vita, now Mayor, is working on her memoirs, Vita: the Beggining.  Never mind the dirty dishes, the flies, or the broken dishwasher; if she let that get into the way, this book will never get done!  Screenshot-474

The dining room is her other favorite (and more soothing) writing haunt.


“Holly, dear, your father and I would love it if you followed in your father’s footsteps and joined the Criminal career.”  But Holly wants to be in the Law Enforcement career.


When I’m not watching, Holly likes to go cool off in the cortile fountain.


Her father disapproves.  “Holly, quit swimming around and go meet someone eligible!”


(Those residual plus points are from Holly’s kind gesture to cheer him up, too.  Way to ruin a nice family moment in the bathroom.)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention earlier: on her birthday, Holly chose the lifetime wish of Master of the Arts (max guitar and painting skills).  The game did not think too highly of our progress and chose her new trait for us: Flirty.  Really?  I guess that’ll be an interesting addition to her usual goody lil’ two shoes image.  Should certainly help Nick’s scheme to marry her off to some local bigwig.

So during Niccolo’s birthday bash, she went forth and introduced herself to people.


But it never went well as soon as they started chatting:

Eligible Guest: “I can’t stand art!”
Holly: Gasp!  “A pot of yogurt has more culture than thou!”


More awkward moments:


But don’t let that spoil the party:


After the party, Holly was feeling a bit cooped up.  She decided to go visit a random house in the outskirts of the town.  Here she is imposing herself on the Newbie family:


Okay, I lied when I said this was a random visit.  I’m not having Holly waste her time with the ridiculous riff-raff in this Sims town.  It seems that the Newbies are one of the few families in this town with remotely sensible traits, including their son Bob:


But he’s still a high school student so Holly will just have to wait for another prospective partner.

The day after she became Mayor, Vita came home and announced that she was now Governor.  Wow.  That’s gotta be the shortest tenure as mayor ever.

She commissioned a new wall sculpture to commemorate her meteoric rise to power:


“Congratulations, Governor.”
“Oh, don’t you see I’m not done yet?  I have much greater things planned!”


She still worries about her daughter, though.  I didn’t know Evil Vita had it in her to go autonomously ask after others:


PS:  I guess the title of the post is now “The Governor’s Daughter.”


2 thoughts on “The Mayor’s Daughter

    • Thanks for coming over! Yeah, I also like reading stories that are already up. The suspense! 🙂 Plus, sometimes by the time there’s an update, I’ve forgotten what happened or who the characters are…If you’d like, I have another story up called Stealie Nicks, which has kinda become my main blog now.

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