Just Another Day

When Holly came home after a night of busking in the park, there was a visitor in the front loggia.  There have been random loiterers near the house since the first day the family moved in (is this a glitchy thing or is this how the game works?).  Nick or Vita usually approach strangers in a hostile way, but Holly introduced herself and invited this one in.


The guy went straight to the room where little Niccolo was sleeping, picked up the baby, and wandered around the house.  I worried that he might kidnap Niccolo (I’ve heard that visitors sometimes kidnap babies in this game–what an unnecessary instance of art imitating life).


Just what does he think he’s doing?


The guy had stayed long enough.  As soon as Nick came down I had him chase off the unwanted visitor.


“Hi, I’m Nick de’ Medici.  Now scram!”


And then Nick went off to work.  With his career being what it is, he shuffled out from the side entrance obscured by trees.


When he came home, he had a new uniform.  Vita approved.


With his promotion bonus, he decided to buy a partnership share in a corporation in the industrial part of town.  Signing the papers made him so happy he burst into song right on the sidewalk outside the building and with a guitar no one’d seen him carrying.



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