Dear Geoffrey


Dear Geoffrey:

HA!  The joke’s on you!  You thought that we wouldn’t survive outside of Sunset Valley, but we are rocking it here!

First off, I swiftly landed my dream job in the Criminal career!  They said in addition to my overqualifications, I look the part so I could have the job on the spot! Screenshot-367 Screenshot-368

After a good day’s work, I get to come home to a gorgeous palazzo facing the main park!

cortile of Palazzo Moodici


Holly and Vita love it here too!  Holly just had a great 18th birthday!


We got her a new bedroom remodel for a present!


And guess what!  There’s even more of your least favorite dynasty: Screenshot-392

It’s a boy!  Niccolo was born Artistic and Friendly and will surely be the death of you and your wretched kind!  Screenshot-447

Plus Holly graduated!  With Honor!  And everyone voted her Most Artistic!



(and Most Starving?–No!)  Look at ’em awards!



She’s now the most talented, eligible young lady in SimNation!  Totally in a different league from your Malcolm!Screenshot-425

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and continue being so awesome!


Slugs and disses,

Nick de’ Moodici


PS:  Ha!  You fool!


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