Meta: What’s the Holdup

I’ve been living among cardboard boxes for the past month.  No, I haven’t been thrown out into the streets for angering the Moodicis.  It’s just that moving cities has been a bit of a distraction from writing here, heh.

But it seems that I’ve unpacked enough of said cardboard boxes to find the things needed for Simming or Sim-blogging, so updates are nigh.

I will be focusing on updating my other blog, Stealie Nicks, first.  But I’ve written the Moodici story far enough ahead that I want to finalize the entries and publish them eventually.  Anyway, I’m afraid of what Vita will do if I slack off too much…


Aside: Whole New Worlds!

Yes, the latest Origin sale made me cave.  I finally made my first Sims-related purchase in…a year?  A while, anyway.  The only thing that stopped me from buying more items while they were so discounted was that the sale ended WHILE I was taking my shopping cart to checkout.  Turns out “ends June 16” means “ends 9am PST.”

There have been a bunch of complaints about technical glitches in downloading from Origin/EA, especially during this sale, so I was slightly concerned.  But the first world installed fine, so I’m hoping that the other one will not run into problems either.

So, what did I buy?  What can my Sims look forward to?  The Worlds Bundle, which contains Hidden Springs and Monte Vista.  Wheee!

I originally wanted just the Monte Vista world, obviously because of the Italian connection.  As one reader suggested, the Moodicis could move there eventually, perhaps to reconnect with the “old country.”  (Plot-wise, however, they still have unfinished business in Riverview, and some unfinished business that hasn’t even begun yet!  The delay in posting this week is due to “filming difficulties” regarding one of these loose ends.  Stay tuned.)

A pleasant surprise in this latest addition: one of the residents of Hidden Springs is Bert Alto, brother of Nick.  Heyyy!  I was not aware of this when I bought Hidden Springs, so this poses yet another possibility for expanding the Moodici story.  Hmmmmm…

Spread Joy up to the Maximu[s]

It’s amazing what rich folks do.  This was one of the wedding presents Holly and I got from the Moodici family:

Moodici 2014-06-03_010 resize

It’s no farm like the one we used to have, but there’s a little grassy area that my folks will be able to turn into a garden in no time:

Moodici 2014-06-05_011 resize

My dad’s a little cam’ra-shy.  You’ll have to excuse him for not looking up and smiling.

Ma and Pa are staying here with us until we can get the farm back.  I don’t think Holly minds too much; she says Ma and Pa are pretty pleasant to be around.  Pa always takes time to compliment her on every little thing, like her cooking:

Moodici 2014-06-05_012 resize

She says it would have been mighty stressful back at her fam’ly Palazzo.  I don’t know everything that’s going on, but things between her and her Ma seem a bit…frosty.  It’s really none of my business.

What is my business is for me to do well in my Athletic career.  That and score a little extra stuff on the side.  You see, I ain’t told everyone yet, but I’m a Kleptomaniac, see.  Things just disappear when I’m around:

Moodici 2014-06-05_014 resize

Too bad that barstool I swiped was our own!  It might take me a lil bit to get the hang of this, but just you wait and see.  Soon I’ll be swiping enough so that Holly can have the pretty things she wants and Ma and Pa can get their farm back!

You see, some folks have way too much stuff in this town.

Take the Lessen home, for example.

Too many coffee tables (they got four in a lil pile in the living room!):

Moodici 2014-06-05_015 resize

Too much goo-gaws on them walls (why have all that wallpaper if you’re just gonna cover it up with a huge TV?):

Moodici 2014-06-05_016 resize

And too many cars (think about your carbon footprint, folks!):

Moodici 2014-06-05_017 resize

How many cars does one man need?  My folks are still riding around on lil bicycles!  Ma and Pa will love this:

Moodici 2014-06-05_018 resize

I’m sure Papa Nick will be happy ’bout this.  He’s a professional crook himself.  And he’s also into athletic-type stuff, so I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about.  He and Ma Vita, and Niccolo, still live over at their official Palazzo, just across the courtyard from us:

Moodici 2014-06-05_013 resize

Holly’s still a little nervous about living so close to her folks, but I think things will work out.  Living near family will come in handy once the baby’s born.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  We have a lil one on the way!

Apologies for the Emailed Posts

For readers who follow this blog by email, I’m sorry about the mixup earlier that sent out posts about my other Sims blogs.  I was writing from the other blogs in my dashboard but they kept posting to the Moodici one for some reason.  It should all be sorted now.  Thanks, and have a great day!

Help! from Holly

Gods and goddesses of Riverview, hear my prayers.

Moodici 2014-05-28_006 resize

I do not know what to do.

Moodici 2014-05-28_004 resize

So I married Maximus.  We were dreaming of moving back to his family’s farm, but…we no longer have the money.  On the road from the farm to my parents’ house, my husband’s family were robbed.  They did not know the bandit who held them up.  We were sad and distraught, but we were thankful to have the McDermotts safely in our house, and Max and I were anxious to get married and start a new life.


And, through something in the economy that I do not understand, the taxes and duties on the farm have shot up.  We would not have been able to afford the costs, even if the McDermotts hadn’t been held up.


It is no use to despair.  With everyone’s help, we hope to earn enough to buy back the farm.  That is how Max and I felt.

Moodici 2014-05-28_011 resize

But last night, Niccolo came to me with some startling information.  He told me about a conversation he’d had with Max’s little brother, Marquis, a few nights before our wedding.

Something about a dictator…


And corrupt business…


And the fact that the bandit was wearing red gloves, very similar to the ones seen in our household livery…


At the time, Niccolo tried to ignore Marquis’ chattering, but something from it did not sit right with him.  Later on, it clicked.  Niccolo thinks that Marquis was telling him about some source of power behind the bandit.

Later that night, Niccolo cautiously brought up the farm with our father.


Our father refused to discuss it.

“How dare you bring up such a thing, when your sister’s about to be married!  You will bring bad luck to the marriage!  You are not to speak of it!”


Our father’s voice can get quite loud and shouty when he is angered, so I am amazed that our mothers slept through the whole thing while in the same room:


But I digress.

This could all be a coincidence.  I hope it is.  I hope that these suspicions, these whisperings, are not clues to the terrible truth taking shape in Niccolo’s and my minds.

And then came the worst piece of news of all.


Soon after the wedding at the Basilica, someone in bandit clothing was seen walking around.  He definitely was not on our guest list—at least not Max’s or mine!

In an overheard snippet of conversation, this individual approached my mother and said something that elicited a delighted reaction.  “Good work, mignon!  The stars are now aligned, and we can move forward with our plans!”


My mother always did have ambitions to conquer the whole of SimNation, starting with Riverview…


She often says that the victors are the ones who get to write history.


And so she is always coming up with some scheme or another to get closer to her dream of world domination.

It makes me sick to think it.  Could it be…that our mother or father be behind a scheme to take over the McDermott farm?

Life is Just a Party: Wedding Special

As the families prepared for the wedding, the Moodicis invited the McDermott family to move in.  It’s only for a little while, to make sure that everyone attends the wedding.  We wouldn’t want the groom’s folks to miss this, would we?  I have witnessed Sims behave ridiculously when it comes to weddings, so a little oversight seems warranted.


Holly’s midlife crisis dictated moving to a new house.  There are still not many developed lots in town, so all that was available was a simple, bare-bones house near the school.  The family had hoped that it would give them more privacy than staying at the Palazzo would, but those snooping helicopter news crews proved them wrong, as this aerial footage shows: 2014-04-25_00077

The house had been neglected for so long (or construction so rushed) that plants had started to grow through the walls:

At least the green coordinates with Vita’s skilling bar and Holly’s moodlet and clothes. Nevertheless, Holly went outside to assess the damage and found the patio rather pleasant.


Just beyond the fence flows one of the rivers, and the meadows around it are full of gems and butterflies.  It’s nice enough to distract Holly from the horridness of her burnt meal:

That building to the left is the school.  Our lot is the one right next to the school.  You’d think that that would make it easier to show up to on time to school, but Niccolo actually missed the bus and we had to remind him to rush over on his own.  He made the honor roll, despite showing up late and with his Energy bar in deep red.  Both he and Marquis fell asleep during class.  Poor kids.  I remember days like that.

With the McDermotts here, we get to know our new family members a little better.

It turns out Maximus (the groom) is a Kleptomaniac and has a Lifetime Wish of Becoming a Superstar Athlete.  I think he and his father-in-law will get along quite well, as long as Nick can restrain himself from sneaking up on him and arguing at every spare moment.  At least they’ll have interests in common…except when Maximus goes into “farm boy” mode.  The urge to interact with plants often becomes so great that he (and his mother Ginny) must sneak off to the next-door garden to tend to the harvest:


Maximus brought along his little brother Marquis, an Excitable Friendly Loser.  He is eating his tritip steak on the terrace.  Hey, what a coincidence; that was my dinner, too! 2014-04-25_00075

They have a middle brother, Travis, but he had moved out before the McDermotts joined the Moodicis and thus stayed on his own.  He promises to attend the wedding, though.

Luke is their father.  2014-04-25_00076He is a Campaign Intern (Oh? So you’ve been working for Vita this whole time?), and his wife Ginny is a Shopping Music DJ (I guess Riverview has no Pandora, huh?).

…Hang on, I thought you guys were farmers!  You both have the Lifetime Wish of having the Perfect Garden!  How are you going to achieve that if you’re both away from the farm all the time?  Life’s short, guys.  Go grow some plants.

“We can’t.  When we moved in with the Moodicis, our family got taken over!  Must be those bandits.  They’ve been running around terrorizing the farming towns ’round here.”

Can’t you buy them off?  Just pay them to leave and get your farm back.

“Nope, no can do.  We was robbed on the way here.  Some more bandits.”

Why didn’t you mention this earlier?!


A “meta” note:  So this is weird.  Remember how we invited the McDermotts to move in?  After they moved in, we no longer had enough funds to buy the farm back (meaning the McDermotts did not move in with the full funds they should have had).  I should’ve used Edit Town mode instead.  Hmm.

Don’t worry, guys, we’ll get you your farm back.  Or at least find some new land.  Or kick you out because I can’t handle four Sims much less a full house and we will eventually need room for Moodici progeny.

But for now, we have other things to worry about.  This is the eve of the wedding.

The groom is getting his beauty sleep…without his bride, sadly, because she’s off running around town doing stuff.  She particularly wished to visit the graveyard.  Chalk it up to her midlife crisis.2014-04-25_00087

Oh, she’s back home now.  Then she starts painting on the dark terrace and doesn’t stop until she finishes:2014-04-25_00098

Her mother Vita works on the second volume of her memoirs, Vita: the Middle.  2014-04-25_00083

And then she heads to bed. Perhaps Vita is worried about the wedding. Next to her in bed, the groom’s mother doesn’t seem to share those apprehensions. The two mothers in bed, dreaming of very different priorities: 2014-04-25_00085

Why is it Ginny next to Vita in bed?  Because Nick for some reason went back at the old Palazzo when no one was looking:2014-04-25_00097

The groom’s father, Luke, was also off running around town.  First he collected some seeds in the graveyard, where he ran into Holly, and then took a late-night cooking class.

The two little brothers, on a crazily shifted schedule, sit together on the terrace outside long after the adults have gone to bed.  Marquis chirps, “Hey, brother Niccolo!  It would be so cool once we’re related.  We could play football together all day!” 2014-04-25_00088

“And we’ll take over the world, just like your mother Vita, the Madam Dictator!”2014-04-25_00092


“And we’ll suppress the free press.”  Wait—


“We’ll muscle all the other Riverview families into accepting our business terms…”2014-04-25_00090

“and we’ll get rich from all the bribes and kickbacks our power brings!” 2014-04-25_00089

O-kay…you gold-digging twerp.  Your family’s so poor only because you couldn’t protect yourselves from some lousy bandits!

“…Niccolo?  Are you listening to me?”2014-04-25_00091

“Yeah, yeah, I heard you, yeah, football.  How ’bout them Llamas.”  2014-04-25_00094

“Good night, Niccolo.”

“Hey, wait, I’ll read you a story.”2014-04-24_00066

“Now good night.”


As dawn breaks, we catch a glimpse of San Moorco’s Basilica on the hill:


That is where Holly and Maximus will get married.  Time to wrangle up the family:2014-04-25_00110

Hmm, I see that only Niccolo has dressed appropriately.  Just see that the rest of you change at the church or in the car, please?

On the way to San Moorco’s, Holly rolled a wish to flirt with the first guest, Yuri.  That’s what you get for getting married in the middle of a midlife crisis.


Lots of hearts fluttering to kick off this wedding.  Skip Broke saw Holly and Vita and was infatuated.  Too late for you, Skip!  Both ladies are spoken for.2014-04-25_00144

But mother of the groom Ginny probably wouldn’t mind: 2014-04-25_00145

Travis McDermott (younger bro of the groom) is also attracted to Vita.  Wow, I hadn’t realized just how much Vita has gained in charisma points since moving to this town.2014-04-25_00146

The parents of the bride take a look around the hall.

“Nick, this is nice, isn’t it?  Oh my, are you crying already?”
“No.  Allergies.  Look at all the pollen and seeds on the floor!  This is what you get for moving to a farming town!”


Still, the decorators did a decent job.



The view from the mezzanine as the couple and guests take their places:


The magically and suddenly-appearing cake.  Oh yes, and the happy couple:


Happy guests:

A weepy Lorraine Cantina (“Hey, down in front!”):2014-04-25_00132

Ginny and Niccolo, letting out sighs of happiness:


Vita, nostalgically pleased with her own wedding ring:


And Nick, glaringly happy:



And this is where it went wrong.

The couple got up to cut the cake.


And people froze.  The wedded couple froze.  Some of the guests froze.

One of the guests suspected that this sudden paralysis was brought on by some nefarious curse put on the cake by Madam Dictator.  I dunno.  Why would she ruin her own daughter’s wedding?!

After a few moments of confusion, a voice came on over the PA system:  “Ahem!  Ahem.  This concludes the rehearsal session of the wedding.  Please return to your seats.  The main ceremony will resume shortly.”

When the guests started taking seats, it was suddenly clear that Luke had somehow gone back to the house.  Luke!  Your son is getting married!  Get your gardening butt back over to the basilica!  Come on, pedal, man!


The tension was too much for Holly to handle.  She went off to a corner of the hall and started playing the guitar.  She had the guitar case open for tips, but no one was really paying attention to this other than her mother.


Okay, everyone’s assembled now.  Take a breath.  This time for reals, please.



Hey!  What’s Charles the Maid doing here?  I thought he wasn’t supposed to be invited!

Holly:  “Whatever.  Can we just get through this, please?  I’m starving!!”


Whoooo!  Cheer and applaud, everyone!  Applaud, and I’ll overlook the fact that barely no one is following seating protocol:



Holly:  “Yay, cake!  Feed me!”


It did not freeze this time.  Thank you, San Moorco!

Congratulations, Holly and Maximus.  (Meta note: That was quite possibly the most stressful wedding my Sims have ever had.  This helps to explain why this post was so long in the making.  The screenshots sat for a month before I felt up to putting this together.)

Maximus’ first act as a married man: work out in the church!


Don’t you have a honeymoon to get to?

Nick felt a little overwhelmed by all this, so he stepped out to the terrace.


“Wow, Nick, would you look at that view! We can see all of Riverview from here.”


Nick seems to be viewing more of his dishy wife.  “Yes, yes, it is a great view.  And the bride was beautiful, too.  Congratulations, dear.”  2014-04-25_00178 “I just hope they’ll be happy.”


Back inside, Niccolo wanted to ask Chelsea Broke to dance but she just stood there throwing rice in his face.  Is this considered a proper rejection tactic in Riverview?2014-04-25_00186

Chelsea and Charles the maid are two of the guests seemingly stuck at the wedding.  The glitch will go on.


Show’s over, folks!  Go home!


Just to wrap up the wedding, we had some late arrivals whose approach to “crashing the wedding” was rather literal:Moodici 2014-05-01_002 resize Moodici 2014-05-01_003 resize